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Friday, March 14, 2014

More reason to think Chris Christie is dirt. If more is needed. Judge by the interests he serves. NOT consumer interests, rather greatly vested take-the-public-for-a-ride interests. While providing a ride.

This Ars Technica link, with the story reported elsewhere, if you do a web search. Progress stymied, so what's new? Chris Christie is a Republican after all, and they serve well-heeled vested desires and interests. It's in their DNA.

Musk defends his firm, and calls Chris Christie out for who/what he is and for who he serves. Here, reported here. Best auto in the world per Consumer Reports, but that's zippo against entrenched anti-consumer interests in New Jersey. Tesla, and Musk, simply are superior to New Jersey and Christie. Higher in quality, more defect-free.

FURTHER UPDATE: Musk/Tesla pose a greater threat to traditional dealer cash flow - keeping "them" on payments despite a paid off purchase price:

At Tesla’s most recent annual meeting, one shareholder asked founder and CEO Elon Musk about whether challenges to the company from traditional auto dealers hurt the company’s business outlook. Musk argued that consumer desire for a better way of buying and owning cars would win out. He said the traditional franchise model that dominates auto-selling in the U.S. wouldn’t work for Tesla for several reasons, including its reliance on maintenance to make money. “Our philosophy with respect to service is not to make a profit on service,” Musk said. “I think it’s terrible to make a profit on service.”

The shareholders applauded — the same shareholders that have sent Tesla’s stock price up nearly 650 percent over the past year. Yes, for now, Tesla only makes luxury cars, and its approach to service might seem like a luxury. But if it starts making cars regular people can afford, that applause for car dealers could be the sound of money spiraling down the drain.

A cash-cow in peril is more cause to enlist Chris Christie and his money management skills, where friends and supporters prosper. And foes face unique traffic consequences, in Tesla autos in Fort Lee.

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