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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ramsey - Sean Sullivan says, been there, done that. Will remain in charge of economic development. In Isanti.

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Ramsey economic development candidate says no to the offer
By Tammy Sakry on May 11, 2013 at 7:00 am

Ramsey had been on the path to hire a new economic development manager, but it may have to wait a little longer.

The Ramsey City Council April 23 unanimously voted to hire Sean Sullivan as its new economic development manager.

Sullivan, who served as the city’s economic development coordinator from 2000-2012, would have started May 29, but he declined the offer May 7.

After evaluating the two positions, he decided to continue on as Isanti’s economic development director, a position he has held since 2010, Sullivan said.

Isanti, if I recall correctly, is where Sullivan lives, or closer to home than Ramsey.

Sullivan was not downsized out of employment. Rather, he left voluntarily after the council, then, had purchased the distressed remainder of Town Center out of bank foreclosure and had somehow found its rebranding meisters, Jungbauer, Cronk and Lazan of the Landform adventure; whose highpoint was substituting COR for Town Center - a change absent any tangible reason, and a non-improvement. They put up the big sign on Hwy 10, and courted Cronk's boss, Flaherty, into taking massive city supplied subsidies. Sullivan had left before any of that had advanced beyond talk. Sullivan left well before Nelson went to Wayzata, and hence failed to enjoy working in a liaison capacity with Landform, a duty Nelson embraced/enjoyed before her leaving Ramsey.

We may look forward to many Landform projects in Wayzata's future, given Nelson's knowledge of Landform and its ways and means, it being something of a surprise that none are presently touted by Landform.

There appear to not yet be active Landform projects in Isanti either.

Landform's "Project" page does have this, still even after the Ramsey contract ended, and while a more aptly descriptive heading might be "delivering lavish landlord incentives - a/k/a greasing of skids to promote subsidized rental adventuring."

What else did Cronk's insider insinuation yield, anyway? Oh, right, he was active in rebranding.

Big thing, COR thing. Cronk thing.

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