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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ding Dong, The Witch Won't Run ...

Hello, loving people ...
Residual Forces posts a video. WaPo, here. This link. And here.

Fully vested federal pension by now, all that, what else????

MPP, here. It must be for real if you read it in City Pages.

As of this posting, no Watchdog barking on topic - here.

Bye, bye, Ms. American Pie ... and bye, loving people.

So, who in the district besides Jim Graves is strapping on running shoes?

UPDATE Having posed the question in bolded red, I would like to see Ms. Stebbins seek the seat from the GOP side. Bachmann has already proven you do not need to reside in district, to represent it in the House. Such as she did the job of representing the best interests of the district. If not Ms. Stebbins, who? Harold Hamilton? Or former CD4 GOP chair, John K., as Hamilton's proxy candidate? Krinkie?

I would prefer Hamilton stepping up, himself, no proxy.

____________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Widely reported, Graves drops his Minnesota CD6 candidacy, after Bachmann's announcement.

Strib on Graves' decision, here.

"After meeting with my closest family members, friends and supporters, we he have decided to suspend Jim Graves for Congress indefinitely," Graves said in a statement.

"This was never about Jim Graves; this was about challenging the ineffective leadership and extremist ideology of Michele Bachmann on behalf of those she represents. As of Wednesday, that goal was accomplished, and our supporters should be incredibly proud of that accomplishment."

Cindy Brucato on a Krinkie candidacy, omg, here.

Not Lil' Grover, please. I want the Chairman, himself, and no stinking surrogate. Woof, woof. Woof.

This, from Ragsdale-Strib reporting, Mune 1, morning, online:

Potential candidates on the GOP side include 2010 gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, state Rep. (and former House Majority Leader) Matt Dean of Dellwood, Taxpayers League President Phil Krinkie, state Sen. Michelle Benson of Ham Lake and state Reps. Tim Sanders of Blaine and Peggy Scott of Andover.

Brandon Lorenz, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said it will “monitor the race as it develops.”

“We expect this district will feature a bitter Republican primary fight over who can get the furthest to the right the fastest,” Lorenz said.

So, is "bitter" intended to modify "Republican," or "primary fight?" Jolly and satisfied Republicans need not apply? Only bitter ones?

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