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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Litigeous Larry loses a somewhat questionable lawsuit, filed by him in California against his ex-wife [poor woman] and her lawyers, all residents of Ohio. Why California? Is there any reason to not expect personal jurisdiction might be challenged? Did Larry care whether it would be thrown out or survive, or did he just rock the boat because he could?

The sordid story of Larry's personal litigation, latest chapter, online here.

Failure to pay child support?

There's a blues song about paying the cost to be the boss.

Larry should listen to it on YouTube.

"As long as I'm paying the bills, ...".

As to that yin-yang, the appearance from reporting is Larry is rabidly aggressive on the yin while in arrears on the yang. I suppose there are two sides to any story.

image online, here

Clearly, the facts of any case are in one way or another unique so that judgment from outside of the full evidence and briefing carries a probability, great or small, of misjudging. For those interested in possible dimensions of litigation beyond factual background in the California reporting; there are online Ohio court papers that a simple Google revealed; e.g., here and here. Not that anything short of a thorough review of complete litigation files could give a complete picture, but the items online cited above do appear to be authentic copies of court filings; from Ohio. Paperwork on the Califorbnia filing and on the question of child support arrearage amounts and possible exonerating circumstances for their happening were not found online via cursory googling. However, a quick follow-up google yielded further court papers online; here and here. Larry appears to not have fared well in his efforts.

Larry made my "special attention" list when he sued City Pages, a reporter for that news outlet, and a Dump Bachmann blogger, see e.g., this Facebook site, and links there noting Sorensen's Bluestem Prairie reporting of that litigation. (Larry also represented mediocre musician Bradlee Dean in his unsuccessful suit of Rachel Madow, for alleged defamatory reporting.)

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