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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How's this for shaking saps loose from their money?

photo credit - PoliticsInMinnesota - CapitolReport

This opening, from an email dated Feb. 23, 2015, when sent to an occasional Crabgrass reader (click the thumbnail image to enlarge and read):

Wow. Impending lawsuits. And a full frontal. Gee, can you wait to see the filed court papers?

There's more. With blah, blah, blah in between, this ending (again, click the thumbnail and be surprised at how the item wraps up):

Promises, promises. Next month, next year, so go ahead and sue; as in sue first then seek the handouts.

That way just might be a better approach to soliciting cash from those already spending much discretionary wealth on Tea and partying and things of that nature.

Not to be judgmental, just - why not?

Betrayal may be afoot in AMERICA. The Lamb at risk to Roman ire. The embryo at the scapel’s edge. The flag and eagle, hounded and trampled by wolves.

The aim is to raise thirty thousand dollars to be placed in an account with some matching funds.

Note, I may sue somebody, over something, sometime, and the Anoka County Courthouse door is closest. Please make your check for fifty (that’s 50) dollars or more ($50 +++) to: DEVELOPERS ARE CRABGRASS (mailing address to be provided via a subsequent FURTHER UPDATE)

Do not wait for tomorrow. Cut that check TODAY. And, thank you.


(Not tax deductible.)

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