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Friday, February 27, 2015

And then there is Mary Franson, Mary Kiffmeyer, Annette Meeks, and ...

My favorite, Julianne Ortman. For what Republicans are all about.

Per this item about GOP women.

Lauren Beecham, executive director of Women Winning, says the group’s strong suit is building coalitions, which she says comes naturally to a female candidate. [...]

[Jennifer DeJournett, director of Voices for Conservative Women] envies the network that Women Winning has created. “When Women Winning went all in for Margaret [Anderson Kelliher], they really felt like they were backing a winner,” she says. “Why wouldn’t Republican women do the same [with a candidate for governor]?”

If such a group gets formally organized with the goal of finding and then promoting a woman for governor, DeJournett would certainly play a major role. Other notable conservative women who would likely join the effort include former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, state Sen. Julianne Ortman, state GOP Deputy Chair Party Kelly Fenton and former legislator Laura Brod, who voiced interest in running for governor in 2009 and has left open the possibility of making a future run.

Bracketed [with a candidate for governor] is text from the original.

What, Pat Anderson is too busy playing racino to make the cut?

The item continues:

No announced candidates

That rate is even lower in the Republican field. Not only is there no announced Republican woman running for governor, the rumor mill has churned out only male possibilities, including state Sen. David Hann, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson and Emmer.

That’s why Republicans will need to create a group with the force, commitment, and tentacles of liberal women’s groups. Like Women Winning, this organization must reassure a candidate that if she undertakes the journey to run for the state’s highest office, she will have other women behind her.

“I think women want to know if they are going to take a leap, there will be a support group,” says DeJournett, who has heard the concerns of legislative and local candidates. “‘Am I qualified? What’s going to happen to my business? Can my family handle this? Can I make a successful argument to the voter?’ Women want to figure that out before they start a campaign.”

The mentioning of Hahn, Jeff Johnson, and Emmer must make Sean Nienow feel rejected.

What about Stan Hubbard or Harold Hamilton, and just dispense with middle-men?

Back to the theme of the item: After a long look at Ortman, let's just out of extreme fear and loathing avoid and discount one other presently unemployed but over-eager to a fault GOP woman politician - war horse, with her own Andy Parrish - funny money misadventuring connections. An Iowa born one, I am told.

No? No!

Anything but that?

Hopefully so.

Let's see. Franson had a primary challenger, or was that only in caucusing - arguably conservative to a fault. They could run her and shoot for a win ...

Wait, who's tugging on my sleeve, unmentioned by Brucato but now so available after an Emmer win? A local, here in Anoka County.

Finally, let us note that the Brucato item IS dated 01/07/13; but why not recycle it for our Republican friends, circa 2016?

Reader comments adding names to the list would be welcome. Abigale Whelan, as a first-term legislator might be a reach, but perhaps the ambition and organizational zeal is there.


Where is Michelle McDonald these days, and why did I initially overlook her? Guv MM. That MM thing, it has been used as a polito-logo, (but not so much as if melded with anything resembling a cogent articulated worldview/theme beyond Romney-lite).

Come on readers. Brainstorm. Give me names.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
In total seriousness, 2016 will soon enough be here. So who are the front runners, in either party, of either gender? I favor Thissen or John Marty if he'd run again, over say Rybak or Bakk. But those are names I pick from the news with no idea of who actually might be planning a candidacy?

On the GOP side I am even less able to figure out much of anything as to who might be a front runner.

I do not see Jim Abeler in the race although I might be wrong. Jeff Johnson lost, and McFadden was a joke. What serious candidate will be put forward, and how will caucus and primary posturing play out?

It is not too early to be asking - if you want the job, why be so coy?

Who is out there quietly moving around lining up personnel? Surely there have to be signs the press can trace and report. What's up?


Give me a break.

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