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Friday, November 21, 2014

If you have a susceptible form of brain cancer, tell Dayton's panel of poobahs to move quickly.

This SF Gate link, with links to the study which the linked story highlights. Also, ask a granny. If you cannot trust a granny, who can you trust?

UPDATE: Yo, Gov. Mark, how are the panel deliberations progressing?

AT PRESENT: There is a chief, a schedule, application forms and fees, an email signup list, and even a formal Dept. of Health med-mj webpage; but the press seems to have moved on after passage and task force appointments.

If not goaded, the task force could take forever.

Glaciers sometimes move faster than fact finding panels.

And at $20,000 a pop to apply for a growing license; the Dec. 2014 decision to name two interim growers must be of great interest to some; i.e., those who've popped the twenty grand bet. Do you suppose there might possibly be a place for politics at play in that decision-making step? After all, frontrunner status via being one of the chosen seems quite a plum. Is Ted Mondale busy with Wilf stadium stuff these days, or an affiliate of one of the applicants? Just wondering ...

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