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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Angie Craig. This ain't no phoenix, DCCC. It's what got the party where it is and it's what can keep it there. Ashes stay ashes, no magic, no hope, no sense to it.

It is reassuring when a voice you generally regard as sound says something you've already postulated as sound.

Only this link.

No excerpt.

It speaks for itself. Well and thoroughly. Read it.

Angie Craig is yesterday's fish; unrefigerated. A leftover. No dynamism, no populism, no progressive bone in her body. Money and ambition with little else, you cannot deny such traits as her base Gestalt, traits to find in abundance in the GOP which did not cut it against, will not cut it, should not cut it.

She is Tired Tom Perez of the other gender.

And the story at that link goes beyond Angie's appeal, such it be, to Jeff Erdmann, with this image leading the post:

It is telling when the best thing to say of Angie Craig is, "MEET JEFF".

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