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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Choice haters are more than a nuisance, being a menace instead to all of the rest of us who want them to shut up and go away. "There will be people—like Republican Sen. Dan Foreman, an Idaho lawmaker who recently proposed a bill that would try women who have abortions for first degree murder—who will reply, “why don’t they just give the baby up for adoption instead?” I suspect if someone turned up and asked to live in Dan’s house for nine months he would decline, and that’s infinitely less invasive than something taking up residence in your body."

Thinking of Dan Quayle, Dan must be too frequently a sentence to a lifetime of stupidity. (Apology to Dan Burns, an exception proving a rule.)

That's because the Danno idiot in the headline quote fits into this story of shameful bigotry toward reproductive freedom and liberty; the quote being from that item.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been nice if your mother had your retarded brain sucked out with a vacuum cleaner at birth?..Now that is one abortion I would have cheered.

eric zaetsch said...

ANON: Happened to you and you survived!