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Sunday, May 21, 2017

One of the Quist - Sanders rally events is on YouTube, starting at about 18:00 into the post, Bonnie Quist addressing the event. [UPDATED]

This link.

And if you want a follow-up more good persons, Nina Turner in California speaking in favor of the California Single Payer effort. [UPDATE: And she does a shout out acknowledgement of the nurses. The nurses rock.]

Good persons want to do good things, and have hope for good results from other good persons taking the time to vote.

Go ROB. Go Single Payer, California.

Having posted for readers before watching, so everybody could watch, a screencapture from within the event as it streamed here at home:

Win or lose, this is important to Quist and his team, and to the nation. Grassroots support allows it, while the Republicans are shipping in boxcars of money to undo righteousness; and may they fail decisively.

___________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Bernie's part of the rally brings to mind the Truman story. Somebody at a speech yelled, "Give 'em Hell, Harry." Truman looked back and replied, "I am only telling the truth, but they think it is Hell." Bernie speaks the truth, and it is clear why the corporate interests in the media and the Democratic Party wanted to marginalize and silence his message.

Quist needs to win, everyone in the nation needs it, leading into 2018 and reform then and after once the Congressional elections in that year are held and won by progressive candidates wherever they run.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
A screencapture of the rally's opening speaker, Bonnie Quist, talking heritage and hope:

A woman's place is on the podium speaking truth.

Seeing her passion and eloquence and care, I have to ask, when Donald Jr. and Pence were in town touting Gianforte, was Susan Gianforte any part of things?

Was she even there? Does anyone know what she looks like? Or what if anything she might have to say for herself or the family? Or was it just the boys on the bandstand? Greg and guests having a say, Susan irrelevant to a state's political processes? Any reader who saw that stuff, what happened? Also, the post below this, do note no live rally highlight mentioned, instead the bolded text of a Gianforte email exhortation to his loyalists, "If I'm not on the airwaves until Election Day, my opponent will win!" Any bets that "on the airwaves" will be anything but continual unremitting unrelenting mud-slinging because positives about Gianforte are few and far between?

Watch and see. Or don't bother, just vote Quist.

________________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
The Bernie part of the rally is separately posted, but if you only watch that you are shortchanging yourself of a fuller understanding of the Montana election, and only seeing part of the story. No full session post without sandwiched commentary was found, the one above, again, at about minute 18 into it is where Bonnie Quist leads off the rally speakers. For those with the shortest of attention spans, a 90 sec. excerpt of Bernie's speech.

The Young Turks noting the obvious, but worth watching, YouTube, here.

______________FURTHER UPDATE______________
In comparing Quist and Gianforte healthcare policy, to the extent Gianforte says anything in Montana you can trust as opposed to being truthful in calling money sources back east, bear this in mind from Minnesota's largest circulation daily newspaper, Strib, online here:

UnitedHealth Group is once again at the top of the list in the Star Tribune’s annual survey of largest publicly traded companies in Minnesota. The company’s 2016 revenue of $184.8 billion represented an increase of nearly 18 percent over the previous year, while annual profit of $7 billion was up nearly 21 percent.

UnitedHealth’s health insurance division, UnitedHealthcare, competed on exchanges in 34 states during 2016 and posted $850 million in losses. It was the second year of significant red ink.

It is difficult to not recognize that record earnings and record profits is not hurting. They want more. Merit and need are irrelevant, they want more. They oppose the exchanges arrangement because it cuts against record profits, the record could be higher, and the healthcare needs of people can be damned as far as they care. They love Paul Ryan because his Gestalt is theirs, theirs is his, and they share a symbiotic symmetry made in Hell.

______________FURTHER UPDATE______________
Guardian US-news homepage, feature item, the Quist Montana rally. The mood of positive message and policy, not sitting and saying "referendum on Trump" will be tested. The notion of sit and diddle and let Trump be Trump did not come out well Nov. 2016. People care for more than a balloon drop. People can be sensible in aggregate, sometimes. Hope this time. Guardian noted Republicans "on the airwaves" because in person, what?

Ending item paragraphs:

Quist faces an uphill fight. His opponent, Gianforte, has built a significant advantage on the airwaves with nearly $5m in outside money. National Democrats were slow to take the race seriously and have only become involved in recent days.

The question is whether Quist and his supporters can take advantage of discontent with Republican healthcare reform as well as Trump’s falling approval ratings. If they can, there could yet be an upset in Big Sky Country.

[link in original] The final paragraph, yes the Ryancare obscenity is coarse, but Trump was seldom if ever mentioned. It's positive policy that carried the day's discussions. Running against a ghost living at all via outside money, little to no national Democratic Party presence, Quist has an agenda parallel to Bernie's which did carry the Montana Democrats' primary in 2016 when Bernie, getting no media attention, ran against the balloon drop millionaire-career-politicians spousal pair with the foundation and speech fees. And superdelegate rigging.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
Rob Quist's complete rally speech has been posted separately on YouTube, this link.

____________FURTHER UPDATE______________
Forbes, dated May 21, "Paul Ryan Could Lose A Key Trumpcare Vote In Montana Special Election," actually talks about the two special election seats, in ending paragraphs.

Strib local reporting dated May 21, "Minneapolis Fed begins exploration of inequality issues with two-day conference --
Dozens of leading researchers are in Minneapolis to identify ways the central bank can assist their work. By Evan Ramstad Star Tribune." Early paragraphs:

Starting Monday, dozens of the nation’s top economists and researchers on poverty and inequality will participate in a two-day conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis to explore that paradox — and whether the nation’s central bank can do anything about it.

The conference is the first public event of the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute formed late last year at the Minneapolis Fed. The bank’s president, Neel Kashkari, had encountered the poverty paradox as a politician in California and an official in the U.S. Treasury Department.

“I’m really having trouble reconciling what seems to be progress on the ground at a micro level and seemingly a total lack of progress at the national level,” he said in an interview last week.

Berniecrats know the problem is one of legislative capture by wealth, at the federal level, and the cure is new personnel in both houses of Congress. The Fed is run by bankers, and that's a big part of the problem.

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