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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A video, surprisingly posted May 6, 2017 to YouTube. In coordination with WHAT?


Saying nothing for four minutes of your time, a soundtrack that awkwardly sounds like, "Heard that before, somewhere, where was it," and an image.

No kidding! And don't laugh. Cry.

Podesta brothers did the hiring? Same consultancy as did stuff before? Marx brothers did the hiring? What's possible? Which is more likely?

So is there any purpose and if so, what? And is it clear and upfront, and if not, why not? IS IT PROPAGANDA, AS YOU'D DEFINE "PROPAGANDA?"

Another video. As if Bernie is not for justice for women. Among other actual and concrete policies Bernie clearly without bullshit or a superPAC articulates such as Universal Healthcare AS A RIGHT, student debt relief, and the biggie against the ways and means of some, getting tainted money out of politics.

Tune time. Any better tune for Clintonia-Freedonia? Yo, you. Your hearing good, lady?

One more video. Do you figure there's some cosmic overlap with the last before this? Something quintessential and inevitable? One sung, the other narrarated?

So now, what the very last video offered that the prior links did not, what Clintonia-Freedonia loved on the eve of the election, a poll.

click image to read - HERE to vote

If you vote, you can see a current tally. To me, it is astounding; moments ago, the closeness. The horror. Somebody's stuffing the ballot box, Podesta internet bots, who/what?

UPDATE: Let's have a balloon drop! Here? Why no balloons? Drop some frigging balloons! Here. Drop 'em on the word, "resistance."

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