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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

" Last fall, a Trump Organization spokesman told ABC News that Russians did not make up a disproportionate share of residents in Trump properties. Federal agents confiscated four units in connection with the poker ring: two in New York and two in Sunny Isles, Florida. ABC News conducted a review of hundreds of pages of property records and reported in September that Trump-branded developments catered to large numbers of Russian buyers, including several who had brushes with the law. Russian buyers were particularly drawn to Trump licensed condo towers in Hollywood, Florida, and Sunny Isles. Local real estate agents credited the Russian migration for turning the coastal Miami-area community into what they called Little Moscow. Trump Organization lawyer Alan Garten told ABC News at the time that the firm did not track the nationality of buyers and that the company rarely plays a role in recruiting buyers — a job typically left to developers that buy rights to use the Trump name. Neither Garten nor Trump Organization spokeswoman Amanda Miller responded this week to questions from ABC News about the 2013 poker raid. "

The headline is from multiple paragraphs from and ABC report, online here.

That item is of interest because RT did a follow-up online post; and then a related item today, online here. The last item is current, the other two are less than a month old. The last item, phrased differently, is about a Senator wasting peoples' time.

Doesn't the Senate have more and better things to do than to pursue one of several slanted mainstream media outlets?

Whatever bitching one can do about RT editorial bias; it's several cuts of journalism better than FOX.

So there. It needed to be said. FOX is a lower propaganda form than RT. Believe it because it is the truth.

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