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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

More curiosity - CRABGRASS PAGE VIEWS - France previously noted, Russia now as well as France; and while MSM seems silent, today is Pearl Harbor Day.

More weird stuff. Any reader with any insight is asked to post an explanatory comment. Google, via Blogger makes available an "overview/stats" page to blog authors.

Among other things, Page View data is presented - over varying periods of time, from "all time" to "now." Users of Blogger may already be familiar with this but others likely are not. Present content perplexes. Perhaps NSA can explain it to me, but the likelihood they'd want to is nil. Just stick it in a database in the Wasatch mountian foothills in their buried data storage bunker where they "get it all" but understand some guessable minuscule fraction.

Here is the data (each screen capture, if you click it, is date/time stamped, as and when the capture was taken and saved, each presented per its time frame and readers can click any image to enlarge it to read):






This is all posted in the hope some reader can make sense of things and is willing to explain the patterns in a sensible, coherent comment. Moreover, as an experiment, the headline correctly notes Dec. 7 as Pearl Harbor Day, on the theory that so posting will, alone, get a few hits from Japan over the next day or so.

What makes sense is the distribution of views, all time, although the number is higher than expected. No post has been in French or Russian, languages I cannot speak nor write, and aside from the page view question; those nations have never been mentioned. "Russian hackers" has had its day in MSM, but who can you really believe about those allegations? Also, no recent posts have mentioned oil or energy, which are major Russian economic segments. Also, I am nobody's official spokesperson nor a beltway soul, but only a seventy-two year old individual living in US of A flyover land. Perhaps that disclosure may quell some degree of future anomalous page viewing. With data as above and no coherent explanation, giving that personal disclosure may lessen international page viewing over the next few days.That's not an aim; but could be a fair outcome.

Does anyone else find this stuff confusing as I do? [Sure, anyone caring to take the time can submit the Anonymous comment about "confused anyone would read that . . .," as an easy shot there for the taking.] Seriously, however, it would be nice to have an answer. Are US based blogs in general subject to international attention? If so, has anyone studied such a possibility in a thorough fashion beyond anectodotal data, as presented here? Google likely has, but its profiling data is proprietary and non-public.

Many questions. Few answers.

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