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Friday, November 11, 2016


Starting here.

Fool's paradise - as soon as this video hit YouTube, super-kitsch soundtrack and all, one had to wonder if phony was going to work. (It didn't.) Debbie scripted it or might have. It fits her.

"Help" from friends. Help like that had to be "downsized and explained" in ways some may view as convincing.

Three related YouTube links, each part of the plot; here, here, and here. Collectively as good an explanation of the Trump victory and its message to mainstream politics and mainstream media, as I have seen/heard. Same guy as in two of the items, (Chomsky being the other), in another helpful short item.

Richard Wolff, Oct. 2016, an hour-and-a-half long. Worth your time. Your choice to watch or not. Good help in understanding "the market" and resource allocation: How it works. Who it works for. Who wants regulation and government reach into business. Etc:

Mid-item, commentary about an Obama White Paper.

End with Chomsky.

MPP has two postmortems. Invenium Viam stating in part:

It’s easy to see why guys like Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, and others will look for self-justification by claiming that “nobody knew.” OK, so an occasional writer for an obscure blog in Minnesota that’s read by a few hundred people might count as “nobody.” I get that. I guess what they really mean is “nobody … who counts.” And that, in a nutshell, is the problem — discounting not only the opinions of political writers in the hinterlands who disagree, but the opinions of voters in the hinterlands who disagree.

However, film-maker Michael Moore is NOT nobody. He’s been involved with the political left as long as I can remember. He has street creds. And he has a national rep.

HE counts. Moore predicted a Trump victory in an article on his blog last July: [... read that MPP item for further content and for links].

Dan Burns wrote:

– Don’t get all hung up in the ranting, finger-pointing, and recriminations that will likely dominate the online left for a while.

– Live in the present and avoid wallowing in worst-case projecting doom and gloom. It sounds like a facile cliche right now, but consider that there may be something to the one about every problem being an opportunity in disguise.

– This will potentially provide the left with a lot of new allies, within the business community for example. Be aware that compromise, of the win-win sort, can be a good thing.

– Challenges are what make life interesting. Right?

He could also have written, "Don't take yourself or events too seriously; as long as you're sucking air and well fed, Trump is a distance away from the guy who fixes your car, or delivers to your home from Amazon. Buses will still run. And remember key points such as when your neighbor loses his job it's a "downturn;" but if you lose yours then it's a full blown bigger than '29 depression. Perspective matters."

Not that I can speak for him, but that seems consistent with what Burns wrote.

In closing, do YOU really think Trump got fair press treatment? This image, bottom banner line, speaks to that question; and now the press acts bewildered? They did try to sell status quo, but votes matter more than punditry/propaganda.

______________FURTHER UPDATE______________
A positive outlook, but with risk of bad outcomes, is the thought Trump has a clean plate and we need to ask to whom does he owe in all this friendship/enmity in terms of the spoils. He was dreaded in part by the comfortably entrenched, as outsider. Put more directly, he campaigned on fighting the gridlock while the Clintons (and Paul Ryan) own and prosper by and are the gridlock. Other side of the silver lining, the clouds for now suggest disaster or gridlock redux once the beltway populace get hunkered in; that being business as usual, disaster, or improvement awaiting time's disclosure. Cut the man slack. He is to serve as President, Commander in Chief.

Other thought, has anyone heard any lobbyists crying (besides Podesta Group)? Norm and Tim presumably are comfortable with things, and likely expect staying where they are; ditto, Vin Weber.

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