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Friday, September 09, 2016

The man should be run out of Minnesota and told to take his eight hundred flags with him.

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Check out this Kline-the-Grreat donor list; all that ITT mention, plus:

$ 5,000 Mrs. Kathryn M Myhre of Globe University
$ 5,000 Mr. Terry L. Myhre of Globe University
$ 5,000 from Bridgepoint Education Inc. PAC

Excerpting above shows the three biggest plungers on the listing. Then there is current news, Strib here, stating in part:

The state of Minnesota took steps toward closing Woodbury-based Globe University and the Minnesota School of Business on Thursday after a judge ruled that the for-profit schools committed fraud in marketing and recruiting for their now-shuttered criminal justice program.

[...] The state’s action was set up by a 133-page rebuke by Hennepin County District Judge James Moore, who ordered Globe and the Minnesota School of Business to stop the fraudulent practices.

Moore also ordered unspecified civil penalties against the schools, which operate as separate corporate entities but are owned by the Myhre family and share the same management team.

[...] As a result of the court ruling, Higher Education Commissioner Larry Pogemiller ordered the schools’ authorization revoked late Thursday afternoon.

State law prohibits a private school from operating if it has been found to have committed fraud.

[...] On Thursday night, Jeanne Hermann, the schools’ chief operating officer, said they were not aware of the state’s action until asked to comment by the Star Tribune.

[italics added] HuffPo, here, stating in part:

Too Close for Comfort: One Family-Managed Group of For-Profit Colleges' Curious Relationship With Preferred Lender

For the past few years, Globe Education Network schools have faced intense scrutiny for, among other things, their high price tag, poor graduation rates, leaving students deep in debt, and even consumer fraud. Today, the Globe Education Network (GEN) consists of nearly 30 schools, which are owned or partially owned by Terry Myhre and the Myhre family. Twenty of these schools operate under the name Globe University and Minnesota School of Business, while other Globe Education Network schools include Duluth Business University, Minnesota School of Cosmetology, the Institute of Production and Design, Broadview University, Truck America Training, and the Transportation Center for Excellence.

Tuition and Student Debt

Get ready to break the bank if you're headed to a Globe University, or another Globe Education Network school. Not including room and board or fees, Globe's degrees range from $12,870 for a one-year Certificate in Internet Marketing to $93,510 for a four-year bachelor's degree (.doc).

College students in Minnesota graduate with an average of $29,800 in student loan debt, which ranks as the third highest in the country. This, however, is nothing compared to graduates of Globe University and Minnesota School of Business. [...]


This past August, Globe University was forced to pay nearly $400,000 to former dean, Heidi Weber, after a jury decided that the school had unjustly fired her for blowing the whistle on fraudulent conduct occurring at the school. In her suit, Weber claimed that Globe University paid commissions to recruiters, violated multiple accreditation standards, falsified job placement numbers, and used unethical tactics to mislead prospective students.

Weber also claimed that Globe/ MSB changed the Medical Assistant Program's accreditation agency, because the school was unlikely to continue to meet the former agency's more stringent accreditation standards. [...]

A second wrongful termination lawsuit was brought against Globe/ MSB by former Dean of Business, Jeanne St. Claire. According to St. Claire, she was fired in 2011 after she blew the whistle on Globe's practice of exaggerating its job-placement record and inflating graduation rates.

A third lawsuit was recently brought against Globe University/ Minnesota School of Business, by current and former students alleging consumer fraud.

[italics added, links omitted] There is more to the HuffPo item and linked material. That family backed John Kline with their money.

City Pages, here. Bridgepoint Education's homepage. Hometown newspaper reporting Bridgepoint news, here. This item:

John Kline Channels For-Profit School Donors To Darlene Miller

[...] A quick review of wannabe-Congresswoman Miller’s recent FEC filing reveals quite a few contributors from the For-Profit Education industry :
Michael W Buttry of Capella Education Co.
John Kevin Gilligan of Capella Education Co.
Kathryn Myhre of Globe University
Terry Myhre of Globe University
Bridgepoint Education Inc PAC
Capella Education PAC

For those that thought with John Kline retiring and with Corinthian Colleges, Westwood College, Heritage College, University of Phoenix, Trump University, etc. drawing headlines for various investigations and complaints, that the For-Profit Educaiton industry would ignore Minnesota’s Second District campaign were wrong … support for Darlene Miller is growing.

The Myhre family owns Globe University, currently in the news; this websearch, this link. Another websearch, HuffPo on for-profit student debt mills, PiPress, MPR, AND a websearch = "Terry L. Myhre" "john kline" minnesota

JOHN KLEIN IN A NUTSHELL: In my mind, the defining moment for second-career politician John Kline came early in his political career, and throughout the remainder of it he has lived up to the promise of what pro-Kline campaigning literature represented back then, and in his case still, now.

The lowest commonest denominator. Appalled by it when it came in the mail. Appalling still, but the essential Kline, there from the start. Making me think of the contents of the family's septic tank, this campaign literature item - first image has the left side as a fold-out, - and when it is folded out, you see characteristic Kline camp subtlety at play:

That Chester - Molester lit-drop thing still offends me years and years after that election. From back when Kline ran where then-current districting had the Ramsey home included with Bill Luther the incumbent in Congress, John Kline the carpet-bag insurgent craving attention and support.

How do low life people like that prosper up the officer corp food chain in the military? What're the military's defect prone selection criteria? Mediocrity rising via up-or-out as with scum ensconcing itself atop a stagnant pond?



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