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Saturday, September 03, 2016

"He is a friend of [campaign CEO Steve] Bannon and Conway whose political projects have often overlapped with his own. He is close to the secretive Mercer family, who have funded his organizations and been major backers of Trump’s candidacy. That leaves three Mercer allies — Bannon, Conway and Bossie — atop the Trump campaign. Hedge-fund investor Robert L. Mercer and his daughter, Rebekah, were key players in urging Trump to reshuffle his campaign this summer. Casino magnate Steve Wynn, an influential Trump ally, is also a friend of Bossie’s."


Headline from WaPo, here.

So Trump has taken aboard lead guy at Brietbart, now lead guy at Citizens United.

Sleazebags? Trump picks 'em.

While the Mercer clan looks normal, who can say, given Ted Cruz ties and such. That linked Bloomberg item is source of the Mercer clan image.

Another telling link. Plus, this. Morgan Stanley spousal ties. Seemingly a one-percenter of the 1%. And --------


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