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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Colin Kaepernick, full statement, historical context.

It is only fair that people read all Kaepernick said. He is part of a history of athletes time-to-time choosing to be more than one dimensional, and what he is saying is not without precedent. King Day is a federal holiday; Malcolm Day is not.

Kaepernick's statement touched upon the meager choice the two duopoly parties offer us this election, a fact not widely reported, but in the transcript. My biggest complaint against the Clintons is absent from the Kapernick interview transcript - a family that has become obscenely wealthy as career politicians (and nothing else) raises questions in a time when the 99% see two 1%'ers handed them saying, "lesser evil" same old, same old.

The political process is obscene because of the two party dominance and the quality of those attracted to politics being winnowed as the Roberts court deems proper. Money talks. Most else is silenced. The pool of potential candidates within each party are being viewed by those financing the winnowing as suitable to be financed, or as less so and perhaps even problematic to play, and the winnowing process has thus been compromised. And corrupted. Jill Stein gets no press coverage, but her policies and mental capacity suggest she's exactly the kind of person suitable to be in high government decision making. Divide and conquer lives. Plato's allegory of the cave lives too. Money talks lives big time. The Clintons are purchased commodity goods. Little different from Orrin Hatch. This image, from an item that states:

You know what’s the best original idea in politics today? Making politicians wear suits like NASCAR drivers, which display their biggest corporate sponsors. Democrats and Republicans alike would be plastered with logos. So is it any wonder that many of these same businesses get massive favors from the government at taxpayers’ expense? DC spends upwards of $100 billion on corporate welfare annually, not to mention huge one-off expenditures like the bailouts.

It is a "conservative" site, but divide and conquer lives, as noted already. Tea Party disaffection is fomented; progressive disaffection is fomented; but don't EVER let those people assemble together and start talking to one another about solutions. A consensus toward getting the money out of politics might emerge; disagreement pending on other things; but Orrin Hatch and the Clintons are friends of neither of the juxtaposed segment pair. Neither are the Podesta brothers nor Vin Webber. People need to realize a few things, not many things, and simple honest explanations sometimes work better than spin. Infrequently, but sometimes. Kaepernick was not talking rocket science.

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