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Saturday, July 02, 2016

How can you have anything with class involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz? How can there be any class action involving her?

Oh, that kind. Understood.

From that link; this opening screenshot,and BRAVO - may it lead to a judgment against her personally, to a bankruptcy [cash-wise, moral bankruptcy being a separate judgment]:

click the item to enlarge and read

Here is the link to the video described in that excerpt. This link for a tracking site on the litigation. (With downloads re the litigation, complaint, an email attachment, . . .). The video, as normal with YouTube, has related video content noted in a sidebar. Also normal YouTube display practices, if you follow one link, the newly displayed video has its own sidebar, etc., so that link following can reveal more to your than you get from viewing any single video.

Facebookies, this link.

And - wait, there's more. From the June 30, 2016, date of that report, it appears Tim Hunter got there first, but not with a class. Hopefully one or the other suits will involve a lengthy DWS deposition, days before her Florida Congressional District primary defeat by Tim Canova:


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