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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gary Gross, from his Republican perspective, looks at DWS at the DNC.

DWS has been a Crabgrass subject, as regular readers may recall. Gary's post, here.

Gary is generally correct in the deck having been stacked; the sorrow is that if there is female gender bias at play as Gary's post suggests, it could have been focused on Elizabeth Warren, instead of second level talent. There'd be far less disaffiliation had a better final choice emerged. The Clintons are baggage ridden, but influential.

The story seems influence overriding best judgment.

One item Gary's post links to presents a series of Wikileaks links to DNC emails evidencing DNC anti-Sanders bias. Without having studied the email trail, there being little cause to doubt, the bottom line is DWS needs to get her marching orders, with a good swift kick in the Trump. Without that stable being mucked and progressives being installed, there is little cause to play lesser evil, and Jill Stein is a very decent, indeed laudable baggage-free female candidate, Green Party.

But, bottom line again, that stable does need big time mucking, no doubt there. The item Gary linked itself links here. Withholding transcript text is offensive, and suggestive of something there to hide.

Disenchanted Republicans have the Libertarian ticket for protest voting. Their stable needs attention as well. Mike Pence, who he is and has been, all that. Ted Cruz with a better demeanor, but equally intransigent and doctrinaire.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Trump endorsed, Cruz booed, Bush family elsewhere, Roger Ailes sacked, and redefinition taking place after the primaries. Two party politics. Does anybody remember the Ron Paul Revolution? Rand was absent as any kind of reminder while Ivanka spoke for millennials (she said so, and we cannot doubt). Turkey coup, Syria, both backburnered. If there's an October surprise, knowing it now would strip all surprise. Was Mitt at that convention? McCain? Ho, hum. How about them Vikings, new statium, Teddy and Adrian, the show must go on. They should try Moritz Bohringer at safety, given his lack of much real experience, either side of the ball.

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