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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Couldn't they have found a bigger cross for this speaker to wear?

Don't know the speaker but have seen the name from time to time on the web. Like a lower-key Ann Coulter, less anorexic looking. But where was Coulter? Was she there? I did not watch. Boehner? McConnell? Orrin Hatch?

The current Speaker of the House, a token intro of someone else? That's it? Was there more of the second R on the Romney losing ticket? Any reader who watched that stuff, please help. Boehner, if there, likely would have booed alnog with the crowd at Ted Cruz. Regardless of anything Cruz said. Or declined to say. Boehner's jackass remark stands, Cruz being who he is. But party functionaries some there, other absentees; but the entertainer faction, big honking cross and all, there and YouTubed.

When did Rush speak? Glen Beck? Michelle? I.e., the other key Republican leaning entertainers of yesteryear.

Palin's speech? How did it go?

This Ingraham speaker, wanting America as great as it used to be, veteran laden rhetoric, it all brought to mind the Bonus Army.

Wikipedia has Bonus Army material; Republican President Hoover mentioned, McArthur and Patton playing their role.

Did you notice the new signs being handed out,

"Make America First Again?"

Talk about downsizing a goal.

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