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Monday, June 20, 2016

Once time has rendered its more certain arrangements, remember you first saw this speculation on Crabgrass, this summer. Donald Trump will select Stuart Mills III as his vice presidential running mate.

Three factors come to mind. Each of the gentlemen is eqully qualified to be chief executive of the nation. Each is the child of inherited wealth. Mills III looks a lot like Dan Quayle and appears as astute; making him equally fit for the role as Quayle.

Remember, Crabgrass had the insight before any mainstream media recognized the possibilities.

An additional fact, one of likely less consequence, Trump and Mills III each has a hair thing going.

Digby has other ideas, this link. An idea mentioned earlier at Crabgrass without detail, but from a perspective similar to that supported well by the facts Digby musters.

It's possible, Jeff Sessions.

But Mills III is just such a better keener fit. Sessions could be given the Justice Department Civil Rights Division. Palin the Interior Department. Mills is the man for the veep spot.

Mills III, for Veep.

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