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Friday, May 27, 2016

LATEST REPORTS: Tarnished Starr. Readers are free to anticipate Schadenfreude among some.

Google search links rather than individual items. First, Ken Starr's positioning at Baylor U. adjusted for recent events, with it unclear what ancillary adjustments might be entailed.

Bushco land. Bushco friend. Happening among our good Baptist friends in Waco, (home of federal church-commune burning).

For those favoring a more private search engine's usage; comparable Duck Duck Go links, respectively here and here.

UPDATE: Representative reporting; NY Times, and a carried AP feed.

FURTHER UPDATE: NPR online reporting links to the Baylor Board of Regents press release, and to the outside investigating law firm's findings.

FURTHER UPDATE: If it were a political campaign doing damage control, historical preservation opportunity as per mid-morning of May 27, 2016, would have been damage controlled offline already. Universities move at a more glacial pace:

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FURTHER UPDATE: Same mid-day as the above screen capture was taken and posted, Starr's Wikipedia page had been updated. That page links to the Wikipedia page of Brett Kavanaugh, a Starr aide in Lewinski and Vince Foster investigations Starr supervised; Kavanaugh also having had a prime government job under George W. Bush, and a subsequent Bush appointment to a prestigious judgeship. Interestingly, Kavanaugh's name is absent from the Trump list.

Trump must like him where he already is.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Starr family includes two adult daughters, neither of whom are Baylor graduates, but each holds a BA so that presumably part of Ken Starr's distress over the Baylor-football situation is that he'd not have wanted either daughter to have gone through what Baylor women have.

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