consultants are sandburs

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hey, Jesus loving Bible thumping Big-R Republicans. You, Peggy and Abigale. Your guy Draz has family.

Hat tip to Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie noting things Road Dogs and Adult.

It seems there is a Ramsey couple, with a past publicly declared "smut" hate. Where are they now? Why are they not donning red tee shirts and talking reform of conduct with the Raod Dogs? Or at least using the Draz as intermediary to negotiate to foster public censorial decencies?

I can envision a "High Noon" type of storied confrontation. Ted Cruz, standing tall and alone, deals justice to Road Dogs. No red shirted backups in tow. Standing tall and alone. No Grace Kelly getting off the train, getting off the next-to-last shot. No Abigale. No Peggy.

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