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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Where Millennials are as rare as marsupials. In the two party system where they might think there's little there favoring them, nor anything too trustworthy. Not being a Millennial, I feel that way, so they may or may not, and projecting one's own biases upon others can be trumpery.

This could have been appended as an UPDATE here, or here, but editorial discretion puts it separate and anew.

This link. Read it fully, first.

The recent special election Zach Phelps candidacy suggests that a Drinking Liberally session on toking liberally might have a differing age range attendance than reflected in the link's image. That might be a possibility quelled in part by the feeble response out of between the ears of our Governor's mansion prime occupant. After all, Rand Paul trumps him on that issue (or do current events demand I use a different verb to avoid confusion about possible punishment).

As a liberty thing Rand/Ron together see clearly that recreational marijuana decriminalization is sane and sensible; and they have the political courage to simply say so without dithering or yining or yanging. They, that way, are a breath of fresh air (or should that be worded differently).

In any event, Millennial distancing from ossified political party stuff; the substance of that linked item, is both understandable and unfortunate.

I say that, having viscerally hated during earlier days the "you gotta change the system from within" business; in that it is a conundrum that until you've become corrupted you cannot affect corruption always gave cold comfort, if not wholly no comfort.

Abigale Whelan, a Millennial in name only, is too off the deep end to count; but she's entirely Republican mainstream and it's been that mainstream [Aplikowski being the other poster child] who disdained the infusion of new Ron/Rand ideas into their hive including invention of the derivsive term "Paulbots." Lost souls aside, there is the DFL; and the linked item shows an institutional understanding where a "Berniebots" terminology would be thought gauche.

But that is simply not enough. Taking the money may be business as usual, but most Millennials have not been sufficiently corrupted to "change the system from within." And a ho, ho, ho to anyone who'd wink and nod and say, "Yes, taking the money, going along to get along is how you can march to reform, one small step at a time," when their, the Millennials' kitchen has caught fire.

How lukewarm is the support around these environs for a fifteen dollar minimum wage, or for student debt relief? What are people thinking saying "Where are the Millennials," instead of saying any minimum wage less than fifteen bucks an hour is wholly obscene and unacceptable and MUST be changed. Where are the union voices on that? Where is press coverage? Where are the Clintons - historically and not as a new Bernie inspired fashion - on the plight of minimum wage workers and how was that reflected by eight entire years one after the other of Clintonhood in office?

Now years well into the succeeding post-Clintonian millennium, (despite the hanging on), the federal minimum wage still, eight Obama years later from 2008, still is obscenely and insultingly low?

Stand on a clear policy of ending the student debt enslavement bullshit and paying a fair wage at a minimum, and then ask how come the millenials are distant. Do those things, they may not be.

Also, that superdelegate Dem Party pile needs to be mucked from the stable, and then, who knows?

Millennials might show up.

Last, just as with RINO, a new term MINO might arise and be required to be applied to the likes of Abigale Whelan, who aside from age has cozened up to a real bunch of established myopic operators, and gotten her GOP chops and legislative paycheck; with nothing - not a jot - done for millennials by her ongoing voting of the pure GOP leadership party line along with sponsoring dumb and divisive bills properly dying in or before reaching committee but getting her "loves Jusus" card punched.

from SD35 GOP
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This link. Start a local chapter?

Without meaning to "Howard Beale" readers if the post tends a bit over the top, perhaps what's needed, is for the DFL to a degree to get Networked, but with gentleness, honesty and understanding, not the Network's good-for-ratings cynicism.

So stepping back for a better perspective, a thought experiment, out of ten educated [a/k/a in debt w/o possible bankruptcy court relief] millennials who were to be shown fairly short YouTube videos, here and here, (one being FOX serious about itself and the other ridiculing FOX), with both showing actual FOX footage but the latter without single item continuity, each of the ten being shown both segments; how many do you think could cogently explain the propaganda methods of each (including straw man, selective editing, glide and slide, ignoring contradictions, ganging up, etc.)?

I would guess nine of ten could, while the tenth would be a Republican. A Republican going to or hosting a fundraiser of one kind or another (where the latter had a speaker on citizenship):

That one single continuous FOX video, the first linked to above, beggars the imagination because it is serious televised stuff, and not self-parody.

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