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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ugly. But, why not the endorsement? Cruz and Bush each took money from the same deep pocket operatives, and one was too low energy. The other, too repulsive.

TWO SUITS: Salon image, month old item, still relevant.

This WaPo link. The Atlantic. This websearch.

Trump's likely Tweet; "Two losers."

Likely correct. Hopefully so.

UPDATE: Sane WaPo editing. There is love in the current image choice WaPo used for the Bush/Cruz item linked above:

no suits - real folks - us and not them

FURTHER UPDATE: Boehner appears to have a somewhat better grasp of reality than the Jebster; if you're to believe Breitbart.

Faint praise, deservedly so, if you look to who Boehner favors. A hypothetical: How many empty suits can the GOP contain without appearing to be a rummage sale?

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