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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

EMMER DESERVES THIS: "To prove her point, Kern cites a Wenzel Strategies survey that found 32 percent of American Muslims are in favor of making Sharia law the supreme law of America. This happens to be the same pollster that claimed one in four Americans believed the U.S. would collapse within a decade after Obama’s re-election. Kern has also written that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights organization, is a terrorist organization. And she's dismissed St. Cloud's CreateCommUnity team, Mayor Dave Kleis' racial harmony program, as being driven by communist techniques."

That is from City Pages coverage of A.J. Kern, Tom Emmer's Bachmannesque GOP primary challenger, making the assertion that Emmer had to be opposed because he is insufficiently conservative.

May Emmer and Stanley Hubbard enjoy the situation.

Apart from that, legislatively, one hope might be that some bipartisan Constitutional Amendment, for Minnesota's Constitution and not a legislative resolution about the federal Constitution, might gain traction to subject credit card and other revolving account debt to regular usury limits; so that the credit card companies might no longer get away with usurious interest charges; with statutory safeguards that their conduct is not defined as usury; despite what it is.

It would be nice to see some bipartisanship; and it would be a popular thing among the citizenry if such an amendment were to grow legs.

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