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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Drazkowski rhymes with "hemorrhoid symptoms."

Well, not exactly a true rhyme, but in the cosmic sense of things, call it a congruence.

UPDATE: Neither MPR nor Burns at MPP give a bill link. The Draz be-a-hemorrhoid-to-unions bill this session is HF 3585, and at present no Senate parallel bill link is given. Draz might have gotten a Koch brothers audience, in return for his hearing their dog whistle. My district rep, Abigale Whelan, is up to her own mischief this session, readers can guess about what, but that is grist for its own separate post on how she differs from Jim Abeler in that Abeler is an adult, acting like one.

FURTHER: Not a short bill, not as long as the end of session sausage bills; one can say the Draz is in the details.

FURTHER: At the time/date stamp for this post, the bill was that of Draz alone; no co-sponsors having signed on. Reader help is requested: If any reader has a bill link by another author or authoring/sponsoring group; please in a comment give a link. It would astound if only Draz can hear the Koch-ALEC dog whistle. (What's the Kiffer doing these days to stay who she is?)

FURTHER: A further bit of legislative online record search: Again with no Senate cognate bill, but with one equally reprehensible co-author on this one; HF 2103 is aimed at impacting every public employee in the entire State; not merely employees of the State itself.

Isn't it a wonder how the small government contingent can surprisingly want to mandate all kinds of heavy planting of the central planning boot onto others, in what, unique circumstances?

It goes to show, one man's central planning is okay; if it's the Draz's; others', well no and case-by-case need not even be followed?

Or is this reading things wrongly?

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