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Friday, January 22, 2016

Have our west metro friends at Freedom Club pulled their attack site against Jim Abeler now that their dog in the hunt got sidetracked?

This is the scurrilous link:

Before it went dark out of abject shame for having ever done anything that vicious (and at the same time that dumb), it was not archived by Internet Archive, which only got to the thing after it was trashed.*/

It was a bad thing reflecting badly on that entire Freedom Club bunch, each and every one of them to have created that site.

Pulling it now after Aplikowski lost despite their multiple mailers and attack website, to you does that make any of the bunch look any better?

As Sarah Palin might say, "Well, gee, ain't that, you know, not true conservative, as it is in Alaska which I know well, where we, who we are, leave our insulting stuff to fester and rot, it is Alaska so I can say it, like fish remains even the eagles wouldn't eat, left on the beach, five days later - I mean the smell, you know, it's enough to gag a maggot . . ."

Not that she's ever said it exactly that way about anything, but still . . .

If short term memory problems make you uncertain that Freedom Clubsters have their wigs on backwards, reconsider this Glen Taylor's Strib item concluding with:

Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, who was targeted in one of the mailings from Liberty Minnesota PAC, did comment about the involvement of a top Freedom Club staffer in the mailings which targeted Republicans in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

"I am intrigued and astonished that the staffer for the Freedom Club whose goal is to elect conservatives is working with a group that has been attacking conservative House members like myself,” said Franson.

Kurt Daudt and Mary Franson not coloring Freedom Club's litmus paper red? Get real.

Daudt and Franson.

If it is not wigs on backwards it is a death wish against any Republican not 100% towing the Freedom Club - Cummins line on right-to-work [for less], or not doing it sufficiently to color the litmus paper extra bright red that way, or a little of both - foolish litmus test and wigs on backwards.

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