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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Big Dog town, and its streets. Have they thought about using a franchise fee?

A half month old MPR post, here, but worth notice. Franchise fees are a regressive form of taxation, without any real hearing mechanism in place before a franchised utility services provider can terminate a non-paying (non-winter) account; so due process is a consideration.

Readers of the linked item will see franchise fee usage was not mentioned. It is just an idea that for no real reason popped into mind upon seeing the article about street upkeep.

Wholly unrelated, and Ramsey-centric, the town's Charter Commission will meet Dec. 10, with it mainly a pro-forma short session and one absent of front burner considerations, unlike the case in the recent past in Ramsey. Commissioners will attend and form a quorum, meeting annual duties, but any citizens attending might be disappointed in substantive matters not being at issue.

Wait until next year?

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