consultants are sandburs

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ring the bell, if you see anything offensive in this kind of arrangement becoming - indeed being entrenched.

This Reuters link. Brigands will be as much a brigand as allowed to be, and brigands having ill-regulated authority over essential medicines is a worse form of brigandry.

"Brigandage" is today's word of the day.

Also on Reuters, this Trumped up story.

And the pundits disclaim any hint of Donald Trump's appeal, saying antiestablishmentarianism is a puzzling but fleeting thing. Actually, the more, the merrier, given John Ellis Bush and Hillary Goldman-Sachs Clinton as the establishment.

The one caveat, does any sensible person really trust Donald Trump in what he is saying beyond his proposal to rig the tax system even more favorably to those having parked enormous wealth overseas while awaiting a gutting of corporate taxation rates in our nation? When Trump says he'd allow the brigands to bring their billions back into our nation scot-free, I believe him.

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