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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A tale of two charts. One supported by people working for a living and suffering under income inequalities between them and the rich. The other, a tale of "Thank you" from the powerfully rich and their opulently massive law firms with minions employed and aimed at liking and keeping inequality as the status quo.

Context for the charts at an MPP post, online here. Click a thumbnail to enlarge and read.

So, who do you trust? Who should you trust being the bigger question, and one rolling all the way up to next November and down-ticket concerns.

Are you ready to perpetuate DYNASTY? And what about the nastiest parts of dynasty, becoming multimillionair elite players, out of politics and past held public office?

Yes, before anyone waves the "LESSER EVIL" flag; and knowing all that such a flag entails which is undeniably true; guess at, to move the status quo off the dime to better things and better politics, who's best, aside from:

Closing thought, those charts, my faith in unions - some of them - holds.

And do you need anyone to know which way the -

The way the wind blew "back then" when we were optimists, the way it blows today, the way of likelihoods, unless and until ...

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