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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dubai - a voice and face some may recognize. [UPDATED - initial link error corrected; two new Dubai video links at end, for your viewing pleasure]

This YouTube video. Another, after you view the first.

A page. Then, golfing pleasure.

An image, from here:

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Now, a civic minded person of impecable credentials, wanting to make America great again for you, that is something nobody would want to crassly ask, "What's in it for him?"

However, there is this, this, this, this and if the field gets winnowed by bluster, this. For the last link, try a word search, "repatriation." Or, search this Economist link, "repatriated." Minds can run in parallel channels; an unconscious but almost magical parallelism. One mind channeling another when good things are feasible. Landslides can start a particle at a time, and next, and next, and then natural forces reach an inevitable end.

Not that anyone's motives in seeking public service opportunity should be questioned. That would be callous and rude. And you would not see it here. No half-baked conspiracy theories of greed and lust for change, if only change might prove beneficial.

For us.

An interview, and a saga. Together they help show us who candidate Trump is and the range of people he envisions helping.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
We can envision the manner of child of privilege and economic good fortune who could seamlessly mingle in Trump Dubai circles.

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