consultants are sandburs

Friday, September 25, 2015

Do not think only of publicly traded corporations. There are some closely held ventures, known to be or likely so, that are big.

Cargill is our Minnesota poster child of the big closely held firm.

Trump likely has multiple closely held limited liability subunits, so that when he says he has never had a bankruptcy, and has put firms when opportune into Chapter proceedings of one kind or another, he is truthful in distinguishing the personal from the interlocking business structures.

Or am I wrong? Does Trump have publicly traded firms, having to file SEC disclosure reports? If so, it would be a major surprise. It seems he and his three children by the first marriage run the worldwide Trump branded empire. It appears each Trump adventure is started from scratch, i.e., without any foreign corporation Inversion merger mischief. Yet at a guess moving wealth around the globe as he and his three children collectively view best, daddy with the deciding vote, with maximum (ideally unfettered) liquidity and minimal tax consequences would be beneficial to his global machinations, whatever they may be, over time; i.e., his closely held operations in terms of regulatory/taxing structures of nations might likely not differ from other firms. But we do not know because of close holding obviating regulatory disclosure requirements imposed on publicly traded poster child firms.

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