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Friday, September 18, 2015

An opportunist.

Newsmax item headlined, "Carly Fiorina: People Know Who I Am Now."

Also, there is a myth of Fiorina lifting herself up by her bootstraps. She was born on third base ...

And moved in concert with Michael Hayden from time to time, i.e., with ties to the nation's intelligence community whose excesses Snowden disclosed as a patriotic step needed to begin a dialog over excessive conduct by those needing to show restraint in respect of citizen privacy.

Her Planned Parentood witch hunt is nothing beyond naked opportunism.

Stanford and business school, and then a period of drifting about. Nothing in that bio about pressures over student loans. Her parents doubtlessly paid the freight.

It would be best for people to know who she is now.

Add to that she was sacked by the HP board for mismanagement of a firm that still makes most of its money selling printer ink. Corporate boards making that kind of decision usually have business reasons, which often are not solely personality conflicts unless some singular individual has personality problems, an unwillingness to listen, excess intransigence, bad judgment, etc.

Since the HP ouster there is no history of other firms clamoring for Fiorina expertise, so that she had time free to dabble in a disastrously unsuccessful self-financed political challenge of Barbara Boxer in California, thus showing her political acumen in line with fitness to run for President.

In short, feet of clay.

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