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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

If you do not want a touchscreen Windows 8.1/Windows 10 laptop/notebok computer, or a powerful gaming machine, you can purchase a credible item for $200 or under.

Some users buying at that price point might want a 64 gB or larger thumbdrive and/or SD or microSD card for transfering files by sneaker net, vs doing it in the cloud. And the processor will not be blazingly fast, not a gaming machine if that is your desire. But if you want a carry-around where you would not greatly regret having it stolen or leaving it behind in a hotel room, there are low end options. And for a low cost if you are using a Windows 7 desktop, and want to see Windows 10 [but without tablet/touchscreen] with a keyboard and optionally a mouse vs the built in touchpad, look e.g., here, here or here. The pricing is such that you need not drop more on a Surface 3 Microsoft machine. Clearly the Surface offers more, but it costs more. If you worry a unit might be one you or children might drop on the hardwood floor at home or in a school hallway, those are lower cost options. And vendors will always be willing for extra cost to sell an extended warranty. Whether dual-boot Linux is an option may depend upon a number of factors, including user preference as the main one. But for the price, items are in the stores. Last, obsolescence is always going to happen, and an internal battery may die and not be worth the cost of the replacement item plus labor. But who still has a Windows 98 machine? The market marches on.

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