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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Like CRABGRASS - the headline says as much "... like a noxious, unkillable weed" - and the body of reporting/editorializing substantiates -- it is worse.

City Pages, online here, "Big Ag is conquering Minnesota like a noxious, unkillable weed. By Hannah Sayle, Wednesday, July 1, 2015."

No excerpt. Read the item. Also note that Sorensen's Bluestem Prairie coverage of the session had a focus on the ag bill, ins and outs, so go there and seek out info on the history and the perps. No specific links, check the site itself.

Daudt's Republicans have the lions' share of fault, with the Rangers being happy enough with log-rolling - getting their stuff done and the Auditor's office marginalized to fit their taste. Give a little, get a little. Roll them logs.

Again, Sorensen does identify the perps while covering the ongoing session saga. You will need to scroll down the postings a bit; her posting there stays current, and the "Recent Posts" sidebar also truly stays recent. Take the time. It is worth it.

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