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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Perry, get in line. That's what they all say, and things already are queued up.

"Perry: To All Struggling Americans, 'I Am Running To Be Your President' by Daniel Doherty, Jun 04, 2015; here.

However, big guy in the cowboy boots, Santorum has lots of your talking points. Yet you've got more good ol' Bubba, and leave less of an oil slick than Rick.

Moreover, you're toast. Jason Lewis in Glen Taylor's Strib lets the cat out of the bag via an op-ed, "Rand Paul is the real Republican in the race - Today’s war-minded conservatives should heed their GOP heroes." By JASON LEWIS
June 3, 2015 — 6:59pm

I do not have any GOP heroes beyond Lincoln, so I shall leave readers to follow up on Jason Lewis' thoughts. Nixon for being a crook but denying it had hubris, but that alone is not heroic. He opened commerce with China, appreciated Kissinger coups, but that also is short of heroic. Gerald Ford was smart in picking Rockefeller as Veep, so that nobody would try to assassinate him. Again, not heroic. Those since Ford have been lesser humans than Ford, so ---

The filibuster was a stunt, because a Tweedle Dee substitute bill got passed for the Tweedle Dumb Patriot Act.

Small improvement, and Rand Paul knew it would be so but grandstanded anyway. It is good somebody did that, but does that make Rand Paul a frontrunner? Among that field, it does not take much, so maybe Jason Lewis is right. Read his item.

(Q - Is the term "grandstood" as past tense of grandstand used as a verb?)

If you want unambiguous factual truth about who the frontrunner is, rely on the polls. I like the "absolutely would not vote for" poll question result. The would-not-vote-for poll respondent percentages reported there appear to be from people having a better grip on things than most.

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