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Thursday, June 11, 2015

A petition that deserves many, many, many more signatures.

This link.

Brodkorb wrote of it, here.

You even get a box to express personal sentiments along with the general sentiment of the petition.

My comment:

Tom Bakk sold out the progressives in the DFL. He has myopia, seeing only Iron Range jobs, and he has too great a love of mining with the consequences to the environment not even a worry to him. It's our shared land and waters, and Tom Bakk has absolutely no sense of sane and measured stewardship.

Plus, he was super-petty against Becky Otto, but that is a secondary fault.

The man is not fit to lead a caucus. How he got leadership is a mystery to many, myself included.

Mark Dayton at one point called him a backstabber. I cannot fault Dayton's view, and expect Becky Otto cannot fault that terminology.

Yeah. I did forget to mention how in the session before this one he was a roadblock to the minimum wage being raised to a more compassionate level.

Tell your friends. They'd likely want a piece of the action.

Forget about this "fence mending" appeasement, just rid Minnesota Senate leadership of the pri gentleman.

And sweep out his henchpersons from senior staff positions. Replace them with persons more attuned to the general spirit of moderate, if not progressive sentiment.

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