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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"We defunded Planned Parenthood." So, punch my ticket already, so I can move on ...

This link. Queue forms to Scotty's left?

Does any reader know: Has Walker publicly expresed any opinion, indeed any though, about TPP and its long term consequences, threats and promises?

One expects declared candidates for the top ticket would be accorded access to the secret situation; at least having an opportunity to read and think.

From my understanding of the limited nature of access to the TPP text, it would have to be Walker himself reading it, not able to take notes as was the case with Warren, (e.g., reporting here and here, and bill draft here) and sending an aide to do the scut work is not an option. It seems a failure to take that step is relevant to the quality of preparation and attention we might anticipate, were Walker elected. One expects each and every candidate, be it Perry, be it Santorum, or Fiorina, would read the thing in preparation for debates.


Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up! We need a president with brass balls.

eric zaetsch said...

We have one. Some things he does, I disagree with, but he is sane regarding Iran.

Perhaps, Anon, you should say simply that among the Republicans you prefer Walker, or agree with him on many points.

Last, for something as simple as expressing a preference, why be Anonymous? Would including your name lessen the impact of your comment? Why hide from your beliefs behind anonymity? It makes little sense.

Besides Walker getting his ticket punched with the fundies, what else do you like about Walker that you do not see in other canidates? Union busting? What?

eric zaetsch said...

Anon. The Ramsey Reflector has reawakened and put up two posts yesterday.

Is it you, or somebody else writing that site?

Note the one "to be continued" item, name calling, "Marx Dayton." Do you feel that's an adult thing to do, or is namecalling something most of us left at the grade school playground (during unfortunate bullying sessions we may now regret, sessions that educators presently are trying to curb as unacceptable conduct)?

Any thoughts about name calling and its place in civil discourse?

Is it a help, or a waste of time, in making a point?

Would you want to see a lot of name calling between GOP debate participants during the ramp up to the 2016 primary?

Would it help you choose a favorite, or have you one already, Walker, to where you do not really care about whatever the multiple GOP debates might show?

Bottom line: Is your mind already set, or undecided?