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Sunday, May 03, 2015

RAMSEY: New Post Office in Town Center. Still zip=55303, it is in Coborn's at the location Bank of Elk River tried for a few months, which has been vacent since the bank left.

That good, real newspaper just doing the job; ABC Newspapers reporting online, here.

Follow the link, for details.

Don't rely on seeing reporting of it in the Record.

(Harold does not live in Ramsey.)

BOTTOM LINE: It is always good to see something helpful and good happen in one's hometown. May the USPO "tenure in Town Center" be substantially longer than BoER's brief experiment. Who knows, perhaps the fast food yellow-arches empire really will open there, not that such a step would be promising much improvement in quality cuisine in Town Center. You wait for really top-quality cuisine there, you may die waiting.

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