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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RAMSEY - Him again.

Strib, here, on landlord bonanza out of renter heartache:

Minnesota is one of the least affordable Midwest states for renters, study finds -- In the Midwest, only Illinois is less affordable for renters.
By Jessie Van Berkel Star Tribune - May 20, 2015

Darren did a fine job ...
“It’s very sobering to think that a minimum wage worker would have to work something basically superhuman to be able to afford a one-bedroom apartment,” said Leigh Rosenberg, research and communications director at the Minnesota Housing Partnership.

The numbers in the report did not surprise local housing experts. Many advocates said they have long been concerned about wages not keeping up with housing costs, and how that impacts individuals.

“Unstable housing has a tremendous, well-documented effect on health and on school achievement and on job performance,” said Warren Hanson, president and CEO of the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund. “If you’re worried about your housing or it’s unsafe or unstable, that does affect how you live your life.”

Of 12 Midwestern states, only Illinois residents have less affordable housing than Minnesota. Someone making the minimum wage in Illinois would have to work 75 hours a week to stay in a one-bedroom place, according to the national report, titled “Out of Reach.”

Minnesotans previously fared the worst of any state in the Midwest, National Low Income Housing Coalition data shows.

In our Town Center: Let 'em soak their sorrow in the salt water pool. A spa. Granite table tops. What else would ingrates want? Affordable rent? Maybe Flaherty can build affordable housing at Town Center, tax credits and all. Redemption time.

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