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Friday, April 10, 2015

“When it comes to this, I’m sorry sir, but I firmly disagree that a biologist who is un-elected, no matter how great an expert he or she is, gets to make the rules,” Emmer said. “That’s not the way this constitutional republic was created and by abdicating that responsibility, Congress has literally given away that authority and looks what happens. There has to be a balance and I don’t think there is a balance at all. That’s what the elected officials are there for.”

And clergy should pronounce dogma on heliocentrism, in an Emmer-perfect world?

Sorensen on who Emmer the gentleman is, here; send her money to keep Bluestem Prairie publishing; here.

Sorensen links to this reporting by Eric Hagen about Emmer. It is the source of this post's headline.

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