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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who else but Larry can turn such subtle phrases in his writings?

Can you top this for cool, smooth, incisive analytical class? (It even, perhaps, is a cut above Rushbo the Great):

It is clear that, much like occurred during her years as first lady, when she greased illegal campaign contributions from communist China – a scandal I sparked when I was chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch – these contributions were intended to influence and pervert U.S. foreign policy. Knowing from the get-go that she would use her office to enrich herself and hubby Bill, not to mention her daughter Chelsea, who is also a player in the Clintons’ foundation, Hillary covered up evidence of her felonious ways by never using discoverable government email accounts at the State Department, but instead installing a private server in her illegally purchased home in Chappaqua, New York [...]

Her penchant for being bribed is not the only caper that Hillary has covered up. From Benghazi, to her having likely disclosed classified Israeli war plans to bomb Iranian nuclear sites, to her likely illegal sale of waivers to do business with the Islamic Iranian regime, and no doubt a host of other felonies while secretary of state, Hillary has simply used an old tried-and-true technique to obstruct justice. And obstruct justice she has, since she has deep-sixed thousands of Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, requests. [...]

During her years as first lady, then independent counsel Robert Ray, the successor to Ken Starr, declined to prosecute her for lying under oath to a grand jury reasoning that a predominantly black and Democrat jury would never have convicted her. But this time, with her sights on the presidency, the stakes are much higher. It would be punishment enough to deny her the White House, a prize that this criminally minded megalomaniac has coveted since she first married Bill. Having Hillary as our president, to follow the current Muslim in chief, would likely be the death knell of the republic conceived of and fought for by our Founding Fathers.

If you think that the Hussein Obama/Eric Holder/Al Sharpton race war against persons of a different complexion is bad enough, wait for Hillary to also pit women against men to further the divide of our decaying body politic and society, already fractured to the hilt. Already she is signaling that the hallmark of her presidential candidacy will hinge on the nation having a duty to elect the first woman president. The irony is, however, that Hillary is arguably not a woman at heart, but rather an asexual “devil in a blue dress,” and I’m not talking about the mascot of my alma mater, Duke University.

[...] Thus, Hillary and the Clintonistas’ present scam is simply a rerun of their prior criminal acts. It is part of their criminal enterprise, also actionable under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, to enrich themselves through bribes and other financial benefits and to make sure these misdeeds remain covered up. Indeed, I intend to bring suit on this basis as well.

Yes, Hillary and her crowd know no limits in committing crimes and then suppressing the evidence of them. To date, she has walked away from punishment, only to resurface as a senator and then Cabinet secretary. While higher ups like her are rarely prosecuted, given her long history of criminality, the time (ala what finally happened to O.J. when he was jailed in Las Vegas for a minor crime) may be right to finally hold Hillary accountable under the rule of law. And, while I have never and would never use legal actions to try to influence elections, the unintended byproduct may be that the nation is spared the “privilege” of having the first “woman president” of her felonious ilk if she is forced to spend her time in prison rather than on the campaign trail.

All that, and never resorting to using the term, "Feminazi."

A class act.

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This link.

Do not ask Larry where he gets his money. Ask Larry instead where the Clintons get their money. He'd prefer allusion and suggestion about that, to messing his own nest. His cash flows are nobody's business but his own. How it should be. How it was designed.

If Larry gives to Norm's White-wealth Slush PAC, that also would be private.

Privacy about money matters, to Harold Hamilton too. So much so that he, via a corporate entity he had a large measure of control over, sued using the Citizen's United lawyer as his mouthpiece. Not that Harold wears a tinfoil hat. He's not that big in the other organization that sued along with his. Some must not like the tune "Let the sun shine in, face it with a grin, ...".

What do they wish to hide?

ALEC ties? Would they be ashamed of that? Or is it simply wanting funding essentials kept quiet? Whatever's there? The fewer questions, the better?

No questions, best. You start asking that and it's -- Look, look. Over there, two gay people together for years, getting a marriage license ...

It puzzles me.

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