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Thursday, March 12, 2015

We in Minnesota, in Ramsey, can be thankful we are nowhere near in our problems to Ferguson in its problems. On a different control-of-power front, we in this nation can look for fallout that can happen from over-ambitiousness of a clergy; witness things in the Saudi kingdom.

Ferguson continues in the news. Readers can easily do their own websearch.

Ramsey, for all its yins and yangs, now has a reliable and sagacious administrator/administration, and a functioning council.

Policing in the community is sound, and nobody is saying, "Gee, ticketing along Highway 10 could bring an awsome windfall of cash for the public fisc."

That is good.

Among the Saudi fellow humans, things are different as to how government and individual rights and powers get balanced, by government, of course having a thumb on the balance; e.g., the linked item noting:

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia’s version of sharia Islamic law.

Apostasy, a capital crime?

Where might we be headed (or beheaded) if yielding too much to our evangelical right?

As a thought experiment, during Saudi beheadings, do they make the soon to be headless wear a red teeshirt?

One in Arabic, with a list on the back having "Lukewarm Muslims," at the bottom right above "Allah will judge." The process designed to get things to Allah posthaste.

This worries me: Isn't "lukewarm" what "apostasy" means, depending on who is parsing controlling language?

And printing teeshirts?

Next up as a thought experiment -- Can lukewarm Christians be good Americans?

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