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Friday, March 06, 2015

RAMSEY - Too good to pass up, now you can talk about "whoring" in the town - aside from anything having to do with land development ...

A five bell ringer scored, in our town. Here, here, here, here and (reaching for a fifth bell) here. The ABC Newspapers report states:

According to the complaint, law enforcement saw Li drive two employees from the apartment to the massage parlor and drop them off. Li was arrested a short time later. When police went into Sunlight Asian Massage, there was a nude man and two employees there.

Well, after all, it is a strip mall.

UPDATE: Here's a single-sentence paragraph in PiPress reporting that has me a bit confused:

Employees of the business allegedly twice initiated sexual acts on undercover officers who went to the salon and accepted payment for their services afterward.

The officers "went to the salon and accepted payment for their services afterward?" That seems a strange dynamic.

I thought the payment went the other way.

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