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Friday, February 27, 2015

Who dat? Judging lest he/she be judged?

Is it a term reserved for use by the very special, the privileged, "Anoka white trash?"

What is the origin and meaning? Who gets to use the term to refer to others? Who is so entitled?

Does the term in use refer to those taking the Liberty of spending their Sunday mornings other than in church, used by those who do spend their Sunday mornings that way?

The question arises via a comment to an earlier post which because of its gross political incorrectness has lingered in my mind.

There among such treasured antiques as, nigger, wop, spic, kike, mick, et al. now in the trashheap, we have a still used "Anoka white trash."

I have no real idea how widespread such a term ever reached, in common gutter-slang, but the guess is its usage is limited to those challenged to have any basis to claim merit and who thus denigrate [we could look at that word too, couldn't we] others to feel big-shot themselves.

Of interest more than the origin of the Anoka white trash term is what sort of twisted troubled mind would still be talking or writing that way in the 21st century. What level of mind and what value system is at play. Do you suppose this anonymous person posting that comment has a conceal-carry permit? That's a scary thing to contemplate. One more sick person with a handgun.

As at least a terse usage, it could be added to the bottom of the red tee shirt. Best if put in a shirt reprint between POT HEADS and LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS.


Wes Volkenant said...

Perhaps some answers could be found next Thursday evening at Willi McCoys in Champlin, Eric. Per the "What's Happening" section of the Union Herald, something labeled "Whelan Rocks" will meet there for a 'Legislative Overview' by Anoka and Ramsey's representative, Abigail Whelan (I guess they couldn't get into JR's or Serum's, and had to go out of District), starting at 6:00. Lots of GOP meetings of this sort begin at 6:00, which isn't particularly nice for folks working in Minneapolis or St. Paul on Thursdays, who don't get up to Anoka area until after 5:00 most nights. Do the GOPers tend to work or be retired here in the Anoka area, so they can make these early start times and get home in time for bed at 8:00? The sponsor: Coon Rapids TEA Party, with a cute web address of: There's a mouthful - a mouthful of pure blarney, I'd guess, in honor of the upcoming St. Patty's Day!

eric zaetsch said...

Typo, Wes.

You hit a double "d."

I will miss that one. It is unfortunate. It would be informative to see what Ms. Whelan tells the Tea Party folks, and what they tell her.

I expect she'd appear at a Chamber of Commerce event too.

Touching base with the factions in the electorate putting her in office really is not unique to either party.

However, in Champlin, out of district is unusual unless the venue is needed because of the great size of a crowd expected, etc.

How Whelan handles the event would say worlds about her as level-headed or not, and for that it might be of bipartisan interest.

It is not being held at some church. I think it's near enough to the Mississippi that they could walk over and dump tea.

Wes, have you ever met or encountered any Tea Party person not calling himself or herself "Patriot?"

Don't they have just simple "members?"

eric zaetsch said...

Wes there is more and if truth dwells in the written word, those meeting oppose tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy that have Warren Buffett paying a lower income tax rate than his office employees. Their website in big-size text states:

"We envision a nation where personal freedom is cherished and where all Americans are treated equally, assuring our ability to pursue the American Dream."



That's the

Minnesota Tea Party Patriots.

I suppose the ones meeting with Whelan feel the same, but are disinclined to trumpet it.

Let's give them credit too, for opposing tax breaks and loopholes for the rich.

Until we hear differently.

eric zaetsch said...

I wonder if they were told through the hierarchy that TPP stands for Tea Party Proposal, and it fosters individual liberty and constraint on government size and taxation, how many would be on some freeway overpass with signs, "Support TPP." It appears Impeach Obama signs caught on that way. Last, they may deny it forever, but the Tea Party itself actually was born in Kenya. Larry Klayman has proof.