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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jon Tevlin tells it like it is.

This Strib link. Some people mentioned by Tevlin seem above feeling shame.

The Tomassoni conflict situation has to rest in large part on Bakk's doorstep.

Otherwise, what exactly does "leadership" mean? Blind eye? Is that a measure of leadership?

Sorensen linking to the Saudi's lobbying SuperPAC mogul's being shocked. SHOCKED! over Tomassoni.

Sorensen is right to also be critical of Tomassoni, and Tomassoni has nobody to blame but himself for putting himself at the same low level of the Saudi's lobbying SuperPAC mogul.

(Actually those offering Tomassoni the posts he accepted, he can blame them too, but that's biting the feeding hand, so don't expect it. Would you expect ever an unkind word from Norm, himself, about Nassar Kazeminy? It's honour among ... them.)

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