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Thursday, December 18, 2014

US policy on Cuba.

This link.

Granma online, English edition, is a few days behind so we cannot yet see official commentary on the policy change there.

UPDATE: DC pundits speculate, always putting their particular frame around things beyond things; here and here.

Comments from Rushbo listeners are welcome. What does the Great Rushbo have to say - please, in a nutshell, not Rushbo style.

UPDATE: Strib coverage, which is speculation-free as to political sidebands.

FURTHER UPDATE: A reader emailed noting reports of a Papal role in normalization efforts per U.S. - Cuba relations; something notably absent from the agendas of the two Popes preceding Francis. Francis has been good for the Vatican as a relevant twenty-first century factor.

E.g., this report.

FURTHER: This Strib carry of a Bloomberg op-ed.

And, wow.

Done without Dennis Rodman doing any traveling.

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