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Saturday, December 13, 2014

"So the question arises, is the muck on the boots, or in them?"

The headline is from Steve Timmer/LeftMN, online here, see also the parallel post at Bluestem Prairie, here. The opening image of beautiful downtown Elk River in Sherburne County [Mary Kiffmeyer land] is from the Bluestem Prairie item.

Each of the two linked items speaks for itself, and goes without quote or comment here.

One good thing to be said of Elk River is they have an excellent bakery housed beneath a fine pizza outlet; all independent of the Kiffmeyer spouses but there nonetheless.

Readers are encouraged to comment as to whether there is anything else good to say about Sherburne County and its current and former politicos such as GOP bible-throwing wife-beater Mark Olson. There and Otsego, where the dream began.

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