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Thursday, October 23, 2014

"My concerns with Johnson’s candidacy for governor started with his previous campaign for statewide office in 2006. Johnson ran for attorney general and was soundly defeated by Lori Swanson. By every reasonable measurement to analyze a candidate’s performance, Johnson was a poor candidate for statewide office in 2006 and he has shown the same deficiencies in 2014. Johnson and his campaign team rarely mention his failed run for statewide office in 2006. Rather than showing how that experience would make his run for governor more successful, there has been an attempt to pretend it did not happen."

Brodkorb writes Johnson off as history, with the headline quote from Brodkorb's mid item, here.

Jeff Johnson. He's not a Lyndon Johnson, that is for certain. I expect Brodkorb's correct on this early write-off score. Dayton's been okay. He should fairly easily be reelected.

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